Meeting FDCC Mandates through Endpoint Lockdown and Privilege Management

The Federal Desktop Core Configuration is a list of security settings recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for computers that are connected directly to the network of a United States government agency.  But as pointed out by Carter Raines, Director of Technology at PrepFire, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, FDCC is only a small part of the problem.  Following an OMB mandate, organizations are implementing aggressive telework policies so users working remotely or on the move is growing at an exponential rate.  New devices are entering the network all the time.  New applications are required for users to do their jobs, and some of these require administrative rights to execute.  And more changes are coming. 

Listen to this recorded webcast sponsored by PrepFire to learn more about how you can effectively lockdown your environment to meet FDCC mandates but avoid the reprecussion of increasing calls to your help desk because users cannot perform the functions they need which require admin rights. 

FDCC Webcast: 

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