GPO management products from NetIQ and Quest can be used to manage Viewfinity GPO policies

Viewfinity offers 3 types of deployment methodologies: through our SaaS/Cloud platform or via your on-premise servers as a private cloud, or through GPO/Active Directory. The last one is implemented as an extension to Group Policy and managed through standard Group Policy Management tools offered by Microsoft.  Many organizations require more advanced Group Policy management features, for example, if you need to predict the impact of Group Policy changes in an offline environment, or  use advanced GPO planning,  controlling, troubleshooting or reporting on Group Policies. This can be accomplished using third party products such NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and Quest GPOAdmin, which provide the controls necessary to help identify and prevent unplanned, unmanaged, or malicious change—improving the security and overall availability of your IT environment. Organizations that have invested in third party Group Policy management and reporting products can manage Viewfinity policies using existing tools.  There is no need to change any existing business processes or use a separate management console for policy management.


Viewfinity GPO extension is managed using Quest GPOAdmin 


Viewfinity GPO extension is managed using NetIQ Group Policy Administrator


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