Wayne Rash Reviews Viewfinity Privilege Management

Wayne Rash Reviews Viewfinity Privilege Management

Viewfinity Privilege Management earned high marks in an independent product review by Wayne Rash, President and Analyst, of Wayne Rash & Associates. 

 “The single greatest security threat to most enterprises is the lack of control over administrative rights on client computers. By allowing employees administrative rights, you are opening the door to worms, Trojans and a host of other security problems. The security improvements in Windows 7 and third party privilege management solutions make the OS refresh the perfect time to remove rights. However, this issue is so critical that the removal of administrative privileges should be made as soon as possible,” says Wayne Rash, president and principal analyst of Wayne Rash & Associates.”

Here are some highlights of the Viewfinity review:

  • “You can also use the Policy feature to block applications, so if a user has a peer to peer movie downloading package already installed, for example, you can prevent it from operating.

  • “You can implement Viewfinity on any network using Windows machines, regardless of whether it Active Directory is in place."

  • “With Windows 7, users are presented with a message from the User Account Control system when they attempt to invoke a function that requires administrative rights.” “Because Viewfinity is controlling the administrative rights, you can also control the UAC message.” 


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