A Warning Against Cyber Looting from Viewfinity CEO, Leonid Shtilman

As Hurricane and Tornado season kicks into full gear this summer we wanted to share some tips with you about Cyber Looting.

Did you know that Natural Disasters like last fall’s Super Storm Sandy can result in an increased risk of cyber looting? Whether it is a long-term power outage, destroyed network hardware or weather that keeps staff out of the office for an extended period of time, natural disasters can open up organizations, and individuals for that matter, to digital asset threats.

Often, these cyber looting events go unnoticed for extended periods of time during a natural disaster, simply because no one is present to log onto the networks and see that something is amiss. Proper Privilege management and removal of administrator rights can help reduce this risk by decreasing the chance that a hacker can cause damage to your organization’s networks.

Read the FULL ARTICLE on Security-Daily (www.security-daily.com) to learn how the Viewfinity Privilege Management solution can help secure your organization when disaster hits.

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