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Discover User Accounts that Have Local Administrative Rights (Free Tool)

Viewfinity Local Admin Discovery Tool

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Several of the more recently publicized security breaches have been successful for hackers because they have exploited the use of local admin rights as a method for gaining the highest level of administrative privilege on computers/servers. Being a local Administrator presents hackers with a well-known security vulnerability that they will exploit to penetrate your IT environment. It is one of the doors that hackers attack first when invading your IT infrastructure. They target machines with local admin rights and target endpoints where passwords hashes/tokens are harvested, allowing them to infiltrate the domain controller, exposing vulnerability to data theft and malware installation.

Local Admin Discovery Tool  Download the free tool today!

Having detailed information related to which users and groups have administrator rights on corporate desktops allows you to gauge your security risk posture and reassess who should have these rights. The Viewfinity Local Admin Discovery is a free tool that allows you to discover user accounts and groups that are members of the local "Administrators" built-in user group on computers in your Windows domain. Once the analysis has been run, IT Administrators can take action, if needed, by removing the users or suspicious groups from the Administrators group.

The results provided by the tool categorize the discovered Administrators in three groups according to the following rules:

Viewfinity provides complimentary 45 minute consulting session to learn more about how to effectively use its local admin discovery tool:
  • Using the tool
  • Scheduling regular report runs
  • Removing members from the local admin group
  • Identifying applications that require admin rights
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  1. Default Administrators (like Domain Admins, etc.)
  2. Other AD Groups
  3. AD or local users and any local user groups

Click here for the Getting Started Guide.

  • Discovers who is an “Administrator” by selecting computers to be analyzed either individually or by selecting the entire containers to which they belong (i.e., organizational unit or the entire AD organization)
  • Provides the ability to remove users or groups from the Administrators group if you do not want them to have administrator rights
  • Generates graphical summary reports
  • Exports data to Excel for further analysis and reporting
  • In-depth analysis provides information needed for further securing your network
  • Local Admin Discovery is provided at no cost to your organization
  • Analysis can be run regularly so you’re always aware of which user accounts have local administrator rights