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Security Breaches – They’re Happening Everywhere

Security breaches they’re constant, they’re advanced, they’re persistent, and they’re happening everywhere.

Hilton Hotels, Ashley Madison, CVS, Anthem, Premera, IRS, OPM, and now T-Mobile. 

Over the past year large scale companies have been hit, through a multitude of tactics, infiltration points, and approaches and for varying reasons. One thing is clear, these breaches are not slowing down. There is a wide array of cyber security solutions on the market today. For those looking to learn more about improving security via removal of admin rights, we’ve put together a toolkit for National Cyber Security Awareness Month with information that will be useful to your research.

Viewfinity Toolkit: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Healthcare cybersecurity: why are hackers targeting these companies?

The last 12-15 months have seen the healthcare industry hit hard with cybersecurity breaches and yet this data is not sold outright and repurposed in the same way as credit card and other financial data.  So why are healthcare companies a prime target for hackers?  It’s not necessarily a “one and done” transaction.  It’s all related to the lifespan of the information and the ability to further exploit a person’s medical history to gain free healthcare and access to prescription meds.  This is incredibly valuable to so many individuals who do not have access to paid healthcare.