Viewfinity’s Privilege Management Proves Compelling ROI For Government

by Mary Rose 1. May 2012 13:15
Viewfinity Privilege Management was recently featured in GSN: Government Security News Magazine describing how it saved Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries significant time and money on IT administrative tasks, support and upgrades without impacting user productivity. Viewfinity’s Privilege Management solution, during the initial rollout, resulted in savings in excess of $180,000. Monique Sendze, associate director of information technology for Douglas County Libraries, states,As an IT organization, we have succeeded with the age-old struggle to create the appropriate balance between a secure and productive user management environment, and ensuring enough flexibility to enable user innovation and productivity.” The driving force behind Douglas County’s mandates was the principle of creating a “least privileges” environment. Douglas County Libraries makes every attempt to adhere to best practices set forth by federal agencies, one of which is the U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB), formerly known as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).  This means that all Douglas County end users are restricted users, with no local administrative rights to their machines. This provides a fundamental layer of IT protection to help ensure systems are less at risk.  By managing user privilege needs via Viewfinity Privilege Management policies, user productivity is not interrupted nor is there an increase in support call volume, thereby offering a cost effective approach to providing a secure and productive desktop computing environment.Read the full GSN Magazine article.  


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